Dionics-USA Incorporated

Dionics-USA Incorporated
Manufacturer of Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits,
Solid-State Relays and Photovoltaic Mosfet Drivers

"Where quality and reliability are built into everything we do"
96-B Urban Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590 USA
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We supply designers and manufacturers with the highest quality:
Optoelectronic & Photovoltaic Components
Semiconductor Devices
Dual High-Current Photovoltaic Power Source

LATEST PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS                            (click here for archived announcements)
An Ad from 1978
We originated the Iso-Gate Photovoltaic Mosfet Driver in 1972
and have been manufacturing them for almost 50 years!

Drop-in replacement announced for the DIG-12-06-100 and DIG-12-06-250 product lines
DIG-12-08-045 (250) is a custom-tested drop-in replacement
that meets/exceeds the electrical specs of the discontinued DIG-12-06-100 and DIG-12-06-250 devices.
The through-hole version DIG-12-08-045 (250) is in stock now --
the surface-mount gull-wing version DIG-12-08-045 (250) GW is available by special order.

DIG-1115-SMP and DIG-2115-SMP small size surface mount pdip Photovoltaic (PV) Mosfet Driver
In a package size of only .410x.180x.110 inches,
-- the DIG-1115-SMP meets/exceeds the electrical performance
   of the discontinued hermetic DIG-1115-SM in an inexpensive pdip package.
-- the DIG-2115-SMP meets/exceeds the electrical performance
   of the discontinued hermetic DIG-2115-SM in an inexpensive pdip package.
These are also possible alternatives for users of the DIG-11-8-30-DD / DIG-21-8-30-DD / DIG-21-15-30-DD product lines looking to conserve board space without sacrificing performance.
Samples of the new DIG-1115-SMP and DIG-2115-SMP are available now.

Dionics-USA introduces rugged "Combat-Ready" version of its Photovoltaic MOSFET-Driver
Dionics-USA, the originator of the Photovoltaic (PV) MOSFET-Driver,
has just introduced its new “Combat-Ready” surface mount version, part number CR54SM.

Company president, Bernard Kravitz, explained that over recent years, high-reliability Military packages for
PV MOSFET-Drivers have grown “ever smaller, more fragile, and ever more costly.
"Expensive but fragile doesn’t make sense.”, he pointed out.
Inspired by the words of Thomas Edison, “There’s a way to do it better - find it.”,
Kravitz explained, “We determined to find that better way.”
The result is the company’s new rugged surface-mount part, CR54SM – “Combat-Ready”, as he states.
“It even looks bullet-proof,” he jokes, “but we haven’t tested for that yet.”
Kravitz also points out that not only is the new part physically much stronger, but it is also dramatically less costly.

Kravitz concluded: “In this increasingly hostile world, we expect many new Military equipment designs to seriously consider replacing the earlier fragile parts with the new ‘combat-ready’ CR54SM device.”

This part (CR54SM) is an alternate hermetic device for the discontinued DIG-1115-SM.
We also offer an alternate hermetic device for the discontinued DIG-2115-SM called CR54-2SM.

Are you in need of more stringent test specifications than our catalog parts?
As the manufacturer of all of our parts, we can custom test and/or manufacture devices to meet your exact requirements -- Email us with your spec.
Are you looking to replace a discontinued device?  We can offer alternatives...

Our Contact Information

Domestic / Foreign Orders -- Main Offices
Dionics-USA Incorporated          Telephone: 516-997-7474
96-B Urban Avenue                              Fax: 516-997-7479
Westbury, NY 11590 USA                 Email: sales@dionics-usa.com

Domestic Distributors (semiconductors only)
Sierra Components                    Telephone: 775-783-4940
2222 Park Place                                   Fax: 775-783-4947
Building 3, Suite E                             Email: dennis@sierracomp.com       
Minden, NV 89423 USA                 Contact: Dennis Gunderson  

Foreign Distributors / Sales Agents
Chemo Electric A/S                    Telephone: Int +45+3677 3044
Hassellunden 14                                   Fax: Int +45+3677 3088
Smørum, DENMARK                         Email: diana@chemoelec.dk
DK-2765                                         Contact: Diana Enevoldsen

Dionics-USA Incorporated, the inventor of the Photovoltaic (PV) optically-isolated MOSFET driver, is a major contributor to the advancement of the state-of-the-art in PV optically-isolated Solid State Relays.  In addition to expertise in micro-Photovoltaics (µPV), we pioneered the use of Dielectric Isolation processing for monolithic high-voltage IC's use in gas-discharge digitial displays.

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