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DIONICS-USA Incorporated, the inventor of the Photovoltaic (PV) optically-isolated MOSFET driver, is a major contributor to the advancement of the state-of-the-art in PV optically-isolated Solid State Relays. In addition to expertise in micro-Photovoltaics (µPV), we pioneered the use of Dielectric Isolation processing for monolithic high-voltage IC's used in gas-discharge digital displays.

We supply designers and manufacturers with the highest quality:

Introducing the DIG-1115-SMP small size surface mount pdip Photovoltaic (PV) Mosfet Driver
In a package size of only .410x.180x.110 inches, DIG-1115-SMP meets/exceeds the electrical performance of the discontinued hermetic DIG-1115-SM in an inexpensive pdip package.
This is also a possible alternative for users of the DIG-11-8-30-DD/DIG-21-8-30-DD / DIG-21-15-30-DD product lines looking to conserve board space without sacrificing performance.

Samples of the new DIG-1115-SMP are available now.
** DIG-1115-SMP

Dionics-USA introduces rugged "Combat-Ready" version of its Photovoltaic MOSFET-Driver
Dionics-USA, the originator of the Photovoltaic (PV) MOSFET-Driver,
has just introduced its new “Combat-Ready” surface mount version, part number CR54SM.

Company president, Bernard Kravitz, explained that over recent years, high-reliability Military packages for
PV MOSFET-Drivers have grown “ever smaller, more fragile, and ever more costly.
Expensive but fragile doesn’t make sense.”, he pointed out.
Inspired by the words of Thomas Edison, “There’s a way to do it better - find it.”,
Kravitz explained, “We determined to find that better way.”
The result is the company’s new rugged surface-mount part, CR54SM – “Combat-Ready”, as he states.
“It even looks bullet-proof,” he jokes, “but we haven’t tested for that yet.”
Kravitz also points out that not only is the new part physically much stronger, but it is also dramatically less costly.

Kravitz concluded: “In this increasingly hostile world, we expect many new Military equipment designs to seriously consider replacing the earlier fragile parts with the new ‘combat-ready’ CR54SM device.”
** CR54SM

DIG-11-8-30-DD Photovoltaic (PV) Mosfet Driver reintroduced on 11/1/2017
The lastest version of the DIG-11-8-30-DD has higher Voc than previous versions.
It is an alternative drop-in part for the DIG-21-8-30-DD / DIG-21-15-30-DD product lines.
This part is available in straight-leg (DIG-11-8-30-DD) and gull-wing (DIG-11-8-30-DD GW) versions.
Samples of the new improved DIG-11-8-30-DD are available now.
** DIG-11-8-30-DD

Are you in need of more stringent test specifications than our catalog parts? 
As the manufacturer of all of our parts, we can custom test and/or manufacture devices to meet your exact requirements -- 
Email us with your spec. 
Are you looking to replace a discontinued device?  We can offer alternatives...

How to make your own relay with a Dionics-USA Photovoltaic (PV) Mosfet Driver
"Roll-your-own" solid state relays can be cheaper!
** Make your own relay Tips

How to "Quick-Start" your Dionics-USA Photovoltaic (PV) Mosfet Driver
Tips on speeding up the turn-on time of your Mosfet Driver
** PV Mosfet-Driver Quick Start Tips

New Product -- DIG-100-D Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver with Dynamic Discharge
You'll experience no "Road Rage" when driving MOSFETs with the new DIG-100-D from Dionics-USA.
Relax, the only CRASH is in our new, low price.
Same old highly-reliable construction: PV (Photovoltaic) and O-I (optically-isolated).
Gates are guaranteed against damage. GUARANTEED by the Laws of Physics.
And with the fastest Turn-Off times in the industry.
We originated the PV MOSFET-Driver in 1972 -- Isn't it time you checked us out?
** DIG-100-D

New Products 8A100-1 and 8A100-2 Dual High-Current Photovoltaic Power Source
The 8A100-1 and 8A100-2 are dual high-current Photovoltaic Isolator (PVI) milli-watt power source.
These devices achieve the highest output current of any PVI on the market today
while providing a logic-level compatible output voltage.

Here is a link to a recent article with application notes as published in EDN September 2014:
Analog Isolation in the 21st Century by Arlie Stonestreet II

To request samples, email Ken Davis at
** 8A100-1 8A100-2

MOS Capacitors reintroduced as of 9/1/2014
New versions of the C 616A and C 632A capacitors are being reintroduced this month.
They are slightly smaller than the earlier versions of the C 616 and C 632.
Die thickness is now 10mils and the capacitors are for epoxy die bond only.
It is otherwise identical to the earlier version of the C 616 and C 632.
** C 616A C 632A

New Product -- C 632A MOS Precision Adjustable Capacitor
The C632A SOIC chip-capacitor array is housed in an 8 pin SOIC surface mount package that provides
precise user-adjustable capacitance values that range from as low as 1pF up to 63pF in 1pF increments.
This enables a multivalue MOS capacitor to be soldered directly to a pc board.
The final desired value is selected by making parallel connections to the appropriate
1 pF, 2pF, 4pF, 8pF, 16pF and 32pF leads.
** C 632A SOIC

DIG-1115-SM reintroduced as of 8/1/2014
A new version of the DIG-1115-SM is being reintroduced this month.
This is in response to requests for a lower LED Forward voltage on the DIG-2115-SM.
This new version will also have a changed Isc spec as compared to the previous version.
It is otherwise identical to the earlier version of the DIG-1115-SM. ** DIG-1115-SM

DN 1013 is the new replacement for our DN 1006-3 transistor as of 3/31/2014
High Voltage Small Signal NPN transistor
** DN 1013 spec sheet

Dionics Inc. has changed name to Dionics-USA Incorporated as of 7/1/2012
We also moved to a newer facility at 96-B Urban Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590 USA.
Our phone, fax and email remain the same as before.

Superior performance -- higher Voc/Isc
Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver
2 input - 2 output in 8 lead pdip package -- available in straight leg or gull-wing package
** DIG-1263

All our pdip products are available in gull-wing surface mount packages.

** About our patented active dynamic discharge circuitry…..

Our ISO-gate microcircuits designated DIG-21-8-30-DD, DIG-21-15-30-DD and DIG-22-8-30-DDx are optically coupled floating power sources used primarily to control power MOSFETS when electrical isolation between input and output is required.  The dynamic discharge circuitry additionally causes rapid, active turn-off of the MOSFET when power to the input LED is interrupted.

The patented dynamic discharge feature (US Patent 4,931,656)  guarantees break before make in most solid state relay switching applications.  And, since the turn-off is active, the DD series is particularly effective for application in noisy environments such as motor controllers.

Prior to the development of the DD series, photovoltaic MOSFET drivers (ISO-GATES) consisted simply of an LED light source optically coupled to a photovoltaic diode array.  Circuitry to discharge the MOSFET gate capacitance was either a resistor sized to compromise the turn-on/turn-off time or some elaborate multi-component turn-off scheme.

All of the above devices are available in a variety of packages including gull-wing or straight leg plastic DIPs  and ceramic military packaging.

DI 8884A / DI 240A / DI 302 / DI 510B
These products have been discontinued and are limited to stock on hand.

** UPDATED Added Info from the archives index **
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