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DIONICS-USA Incorporated
(formerly Dionics Inc.) was founded over 46 years ago, devoted to the commercialization of a unique semiconductor manufacturing technology: Dielectric Isolation, or "DI." The company derived its name from that technology: "DI-electronics." Started in the late 1960's, the company was dedicated by its founders to supply the industry with unusual semiconductor devices that were based on the numerous advantages of the DI construction. Prior to that effort, the DI construction was being used in the industry only to manufacture radiation-hard ICs for the Minuteman ICBM.

We expanded the boundaries for the technology, and moved it into the commercial arena. Starting with a DI chip containing a matched transistor pair as its first product, we have progressed through a series of industry firsts:

  • DI monolithic diode-quad chip
  • DI monolithic diode-bridge chip
  • DI monolithic transistor-quad chip
  • DI monolithic IC chips for segment and digit drive in LED digital watches
  • DI monolithic high-voltage IC for Gas Discharge and Vacuum Fluorescent digital
       display driving DI monolithic photovoltaic (PV) diode array, making possible
       Opto-isolated MOSFET & IGBT-drivers and MOSFET-based Solid State Relays.


    Although we largely concentrated on DI-products, we have also added many that are not DI based. These include a variety of chip-level products for the hybrid circuit industry, such as transistors, diodes, and capacitors.

    Currently, we are concentrating on products stemming from its expertise in micro-photovoltaics, or µPV These include:

  • Opto-isolated PV MOSFET- drivers
  • Opto-isolated PV IGBT- drivers
  • Opto-isolated PV MOSFET- based Solid State Relays

    DIONICS-USA Incorporated is dedicated to the manufacture of these products at a level that is worthy of the description "best in the world." 

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