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Dionics-USA Incorporated
Manufacturer of Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits,
Solid-State Relays and Photovoltaic Mosfet Drivers

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Archives and Tidbits
This page provides you with information on discontinued products, obsolete products and just plain interesting information.
Some of the below is informative -- Some is just plain obsolete.
It shows the diversity of the Dionics-USA product line and our evolution over the years.
How to "Quick Start" your Dionics MOSFET Driver
How to make your own Relay using Dionics MOSFET Drivers
Technique for Driving Vacuum Fluroescent Displays in Consumer-Oriented Equipment -- 4-11-1978
Drive high voltage ac displays with monolithic IC's -- 1970s
Power-saving SSRs separate switching and control -- 5-27-1982
Techniques for Driving Digital Displays -- 1970s
A low cost bar-graph drive scheme for high voltage displays -- 1970s
Opto-isolators generate floating voltage outputs - June 1982
How to build your own 6 digit digital alarm clock
Ad for Display Drivers
Solid State Relay Design with Dionics Iso-Gate Couplers -- ad
Ad for high-voltage digital display drivers
DI 300 gas discharge driver -- 1975 ad
Ad for Hybrid Circuit chips -- 1986
Monolithic LED Driver chips for digital watches -- 1975 ad
Ad for Digital Watch capacitor chips
Dionics Photovoltaic Chip product of the year 1980
Dionics first ad for Dielectric Isolation Sevices 12-01-1969
Dionics ad for Matched Pair Transistor Chips 02-16-1970
Dionics ad for Safe Iso-gate Mosfet Drivers - 1980s
A Mosfet Safety Guarantee -- ad
Dionics ISO-GATE safe driver award certificate -1980's
Why Dionics $40 MOSFET relay is a better buy than a $2 relay -- ad
Dielectrically Isolated Chip Components for Hybrid Circuit Manufacturers -- ad
Ad for SCR driver
Power-saving SSRs separate switching and control -- reprinted article from Electronic Design May 27 1982
Opto-isolators generate floating voltage outputs -- reprinted article from Electronic Products June 1982
Variable Fixed Capacitors
Below are data sheets for products from over 40 years ago....unfortunately, no longer in production
2N3904 Transistor
2N3906 PNP Transistor
DI 2x7N -- DI 2x7P Monolithic high voltage constant current 7 segment display drivers
DI 2x8N Monolithic high voltage constant current 8 segment cathode drivers and 8 digit level shifters
DI 290x - DI 290xA PNP silicon high-current (0.5amp) transistor chips with dielectrically-isolated collectors
DP20x - DN20x -- PNP and NPN complementary high voltage transistor chips designed for hybrid circuit applications
Switched AC Bridge Circuit IC data sheet -- DI 425
Mini-Silicon Solar Cells data sheet -- PK104 - PK105 - PK106
Vacuum Fluorescent Display Driver data sheet -- DTP 209 -- DI x09P
Monolithic LED Driver Chips for Hybrid Digital Watch Applications -- S913-N DI 913-P DI 413-N DI 413-P
Three terminal dielectrically isolated voltage regulator -- DI 900 - DI 905
High Voltage monolithic silicon dielectrically isolated integrated circuits -- DI 60xA - DI 80xA
High Voltage silicon PNP Transistor Arrays -- DI 40xP - DI 60xP - DI 80xP
DIH-121 -- DIH-122 Solid State AC/DC Relay -- 1986
DIH-140 -- DIH-140A DC SPST Normally Open Solid State Relays - 1980s
Iso-gate SCR Driver -- DIG-11-04-200F
High Voltage monolithic silicon dielectrically isolated integrated circuits -- DI 445 - DI 446
Low voltage LED Digit Driver -- DI 420
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Dionics-USA Incorporated          Telephone: 516-997-7474
96-B Urban Avenue                              Fax: 516-997-7479
Westbury, NY 11590 USA                 Email:

Domestic Distributors
Sierra Components                    Telephone: 775-783-4940
2222 Park Place                                   Fax: 775-783-4947
Building 3, Suite E                             Email:       
Minden, NV 89423 USA                 Contact: Dennis Gunderson  

Dionics-USA Incorporated, the inventor of the Photovoltaic (PV) optically-isolated MOSFET driver, is a major contributor to the advancement of the state-of-the-art in PV optically-isolated Solid State Relays.  In addition to expertise in micro-Photovoltaics (µPV), we pioneered the use of Dielectric Isolation processing for monolithic high-voltage IC's use in gas-discharge digitial displays.

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