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Dionics-USA Photovoltaic Solid State Relays


DIONICS-USA Power MOSFET Photovoltaic Relays are State-of- the-Art solid state relays designed for numerous applications where speed, efficiency, low leakage current, current overload protection and immunity to transient voltages are critical. We supply both normally open and normally closed relays capable of various continuous currents, depending upon the model number, from 1.0, up to 19.0 amps.

All relays feature MOSFET outputs that are optically isolated from the input using DIONICS-USA manufactured photovoltaic integrated circuits. They have Light Emitting Diode (LED) inputs that control the state of the output power MOSFETS. Several models feature current limiting networks and thermally sensitive integrated circuits that disable the output MOSFETS if they approach an unsafe operating temperature. Because the thermally sensitive integrated circuits have built-in hysteresis, the output MOSFETS are automatically restarted when a safe temperature is reached. This auto restart feature eliminates the need for system restart signals. If the overload condition continues to exist, the cycle is repeated. If the overload condition is removed, the relay returns to normal operation.

These photovoltaic relays incorporate an infrared LED input, a photovoltaic (PV) diode array connected to the gates of a pair of high voltage MOSFETs as output, and a unique turn-off circuit. The photovoltaic diode array is a series-connected group of photo sensitive diodes which are electrically isolated from, but optically coupled to, the input LED. Input/Output isolation is rated at 500 VAC.

When activated, the LED emits infrared light toward the photovoltaic diode array, which then responds with a self-generated open circuit voltage, Voc, proportional to the LED input current. This Voc, which is floating and completely isolated from any power supply, is applied to the gates of the MOSFETs. At the proper value of the input LED current, the generated Voc is sufficient to turn on the MOSFETs and cause the relay to conduct. The MOSFET outputs provide thermal stability, immunity from false turn-on, and low off-set voltage.

  • Optical Isolation
  • Low Logic-Level Input compatibility
  • Low on-resistance
  • Low offset voltage
  • Low off-state leakage current
  • Current limiting
  • Thermal Protection with Hysteresis
  • Fast switching speed
  • Ability to switch AC or DC up to 400V
  • No false turn-on & high transient immunity
  • Hermetically sealed 6-pin mini DIP, 8-pin SIP
  • Custom package options
  • Y-Level MIL-screening available

  • Applications:
  • Replacement of electromechanical relays
  • Motor control
  • Aircraft flight control systems
  • Medical electronics
  • Automatic test equipment (ATE)
  • Data acquisition
  • Instrumentation
  • Telecommunications
  • High-Side DC Power Switching
  • Load Control from Microprocessor I/O Ports
  • Programmable Controllers
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